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The Drowned Cities

Soldier boys emerged from the darkness. Guns gleamed dully. Bullet bandoliers and scars draped their bare chests. Ugly brands scored their faces. She knew why these soldier boys had come. She knew what they sought, and she knew, too, that if they found it, her best friend would surely die.

In a dark future America where violence, terror, and grief touch everyone, young refugees Mahlia and Mouse have managed to leave behind the war-torn lands of the Drowned Cities by escaping into the jungle outskirts. But when they discover a wounded half-man–a bioengineered war beast named Tool–who is being hunted by a vengeful band of soldiers, their fragile existence quickly collapses. One is taken prisoner by merciless soldier boys, and the other is faced with an impossible decision: Risk everything to save a friend, or flee to a place where freedom might finally be possible.

This thrilling companion to Paolo Bacigalupi’s highly acclaimed Ship Breaker is a haunting and powerful story of loyalty, survival, and heart-pounding adventure.

Trade Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780316056229

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About the Author

NOVL - Headshot photo of Paolo Bacigalupi

Paolo Bacigalupi is the author of the highly acclaimed The Drowned CitiesTool of War, and Ship Breaker, a New York Times bestseller, Michael L. Printz Award winner, and National Book Award finalist. He is also the author of the Edgar Awards nominee The Doubt Factory; a novel for younger readers, Zombie Baseball Beatdown; and two bestselling adult novels for adults, The Water Knife and The Windup Girl. His first work of collected short fiction was Pump Six and Other Stories. The winner of the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Compton Crook, John W. Campbell Memorial, and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awards, he lives in western Colorado with his wife and son. The author invites you to visit his website at windupstories.com.

From NOVL Nation

“They were all such vastly different characters, with different motives and intentions and that made the story so much more interesting. Because of the different character’s point of views and backgrounds we got even more knowledge about the world these characters live in, and that was really fascinating to read. Tool of War definitely kept me on the edge of my seat, and constantly had me wondering what was next.”
—Emmi, Emmi Rose Reads

“The world is nasty, gritty, and bloody—a true dystopian book! There are cruel people and corporations wanting to seize you, and there is a bioengineered war beast. The problems that occur today also appear in the book, which makes the story more terrifying.”
—Karissa, Read Coffee and Teen

The author creates a world that is so realistic and vivid. The setting is in the future with events you feel like could happen. The characters are easy to relate to with lifelike struggles, drama, and hardships.”
—Patti, Lovely Loveday


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