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At least 12 Characters We’d Hate to Get in a Fight With

Minya from Strange the Dreamer

Minya may look like a child, but she is as hard-core and ruthless as they come. While her rage and grief are understandable, but her bloodlust has reached beyond a point of reason. She wants revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. If Minya has it out for you, she’ll destroy you, your family, your friends, and anyone who has ever sold you a book. And then she’ll take your ashes a throw them into the deepest crevasse in the sea. Yeah, I’d rather not fight Minya, thanks.

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NOVL - Book cover for 'Forest of a Thousand Lanterns' by Julie C. Dao

Xifeng from Forest of A Thousand Lanterns

Okay, so I went into Forest of a Thousand Lanterns completely blind. Perhaps had I known more about the book, Xifeng’s actions might have been less surprising, but let’s just say by the end of the book I was screaming. Xifeng is one of those girls who will smile to your face and then stab you in the back, a useful skill when involved in courtly intrigues. Sometimes her revenge is well deserved. Other times… not so much. Either way, if you cross her, she will come for you and it will not be pretty. I would not want to be on Xifeng’s bad side.

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Linné from We Rule the Night

Linné is extremely determined. She pretended to be a boy to join the army and fight for her country and in defiance of her powerful father, so you know she is hard-core. Linné is blunt and honest, sometimes brutally so and has difficulty connecting to people. But once she’s got your back, she’s got it and is willing to defend you to the end. Combine her loyalty, determination, and combat skill, and let’s just say she is a girl you’d much rather be fighting with than against.

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Magpie from You Must Not Miss

In the interest of not spoiling anything, I won’t tell you what makes Magpie so formidable. But I can tell you that I won’t be messing with her anytime soon. I see you, Magpie. And I am slightly afraid of you.

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Katniss from The Hunger Games

Katniss did not come to play around. I mean, she came to play the Hunger Games, but you know what I mean. Katniss’s archery prowess and survival skills make her a formidable opponent, and we all know what she does to her enemies. Tracker jackers are the least of it.

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Other Mother from Coraline

Other Mother scares the pants off of me, even now all these years since I’ve read Coraline. That little book was the topic of many a hushed lower school conversation over the lunch table, discussing the mysterious Other Mother and her malevolent sewing habits. She is one of those character I am extremely grateful only exists in fiction, and quite frankly, I don’t like my chances if I ever have to face her.

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Vesper from Light Years

Vesper is a bold and skilled pilot who knows what she stands for and is determined to defend it. Her determination is admirable, and her commitment for excellence from herself and others is formidable. I would definitely much rather have Vesper as a friend than as an enemy. Because Vesper will end you, and look fantastic while she does it.

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Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows

KAZ. WILL. TAKE. YOU. OUT. Kaz did not become the ruthless leader of a Ketterdam gang by being nice. You cross Kaz, you better start saying your prayers, because he is coming for you with payback in spades. I have no interest in fighting Kaz. If anything, I want him to be my friend. Kaz, if your imaginary ears can hear me, we should get waffles sometime.

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Anyone from The Folk of the Air Series

Look, let’s be real. I don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side in the Folk of the Air series. A few words from the fae, and I’m toast. And quite frankly I don’t like my odds against Jude and Taryn either. I don’t want any of these characters to have it out for me, because the moment they do, I might as well give up. I stand no chances.

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