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Pick a Holiday Movie, Get a Book Rec

Tis the season, yo! To compulsively binge watch holiday movies, that is. If you’re anything like me, you’ve devoted a not insignificant portion of your daily life to viewing (and re-viewing) your favorites. Why not break up that bingefest with a couple quality reads? Tell us your favorite holiday movies and we’ll recommend a book with just enough in common to tickle your fancy.


If you like A Christmas Prince
Read Ash By Malinda Lo

“Cinderella stories” never go out of style (especially when they have a fresh twist).

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If you like The Nightmare Before Christmas
Read The Cruel Prince By Holly Black

A savvy young woman works behind the scenes to determine who controls a creepy kingdom.

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If you like The Holiday
Read The Summer of Us By Cecilia Vinesse

Nothing puts things in perspective quite like a jaunt abroad.

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If you like Die Hard
Read The Walled City By Ryan Graudin

(Yes, it’s a Christmas movie. Don’t @ me.) Tensions run high. Lots of things go boom.

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If you like Love Actually
Read Izzy + Tristan By Shannon Dunlap

Many perspectives come together to show the power of love.

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If you like White Christmas
Read We Rule the Night By Claire Eliza Bennett

Two fundamentally different military professionals work together for a common cause 😉

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If you like Home Alone
Read Amelia Westlake Was Never Here By Erin Gough

Pranks. All of the pranks. Traps, too. Lots of those.

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If you like The Princess Switch
Read Grace and Fury By Tracy Banghart

Taking someone else’s place sounds like a great idea… until you get caught.

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If you like It’s a Wonderful Life
Read Daughter of Smoke & Bone By Laini Taylor

A fateful meeting with an otherworldly being will shape the rest of a life.

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