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Some Shall Break

This electrifying, chilling sequel to the New York Times bestselling thriller None Shall Sleep focuses on junior FBI consultants Travis Bell and Emma Lewis with a new case that may unravel everything they’ve been working for. 

After a harrowingly close contact with juvenile sociopath Simon Gutmunsson, junior FBI consultants Emma Lewis and Travis Bell went their separate ways: Emma rejected her Quantico offer and Travis stayed to train within a new unit of the FBI Behavioral Science division. But the unit’s latest case is feeling eerily familiar and Kristin Gutmunsson—Simon Gutmunsson’s eccentric twin—reaches out to Travis to send a warning: Emma is in peril.
When Travis and Kristin turn up evidence that points back to Daniel Huxton, the serial killer that Emma had escaped, things become more complicated. With a copycat on the loose, Emma returns to Quantico and is thrown back into her past traumas. Compelled to prevent more tragedy—even if it means putting herself in danger—Emma turns to Simon for help once again. But Simon is keeping secrets that could impact their entire investigation. Will the team be able to stop the Huxton copycat before time runs out for his next victims?

Audiobook Download / ISBN-13: 9781668628867

About the Author

Ellie Marney is an author of crime thrillers. Her titles include the New York Times bestselling None Shall SleepThe Killing Code, White Night, the Every series and the companion novel No Limits, and the Circus Hearts series. Her books are published in ten countries, and have been optioned for television. She’s spent a lifetime researching in mortuaries, talking to autopsy specialists, and asking former spies about how to make explosives from household items, and now she lives quite sedately in southeastern Australia with her family.

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From NOVL Nation


– Madison, @spellbindingstories

“This book hits the ground running and never loses speed. I absolutely loved the premise of this story, and the way the story flows and the plot develops so naturally is a treat.”

– Thomas, @city.of.paper.and.ink

“The plot itself is propulsive, and I found myself flying through this story… This book is gritty and really dives deep into the psyche of sociopaths and serial killers. And what an ending!”

– Toya, @thereadingchemist

“I think None Shall Sleep is a stellar psychological thriller, and I’ve already recommended it to so many people. Especially for the YA thriller genre, this is peak literature and one of my new favorites.”

– Alexia, @BookishEnds

“The characters in None Shall Sleep are masterly developed and maintained. The amount of research and thought that Ellie Marney put into these personas is phenomenal. Emma jumps off the page for the reader. Her struggles and thought process absorb you. Simon is chilling and thrilling while also providing a charismatic bait you want to resist. You get nervous as you read the development. You know things will be glorious and terrifying but you can’t look away.”

– Ash, @ashesofabookdragon

“This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite books of all time. Everything from the writing to the characters to the plot development drew me in and refused to let me go. Let’s just say that Ellie Marney has a fan for life, no matter what genre she dives into next.”

– Madison, @spellbindingstories

“Absolutely loved this book! There is going to be a second one and I cannot wait… This might be one of my all time favorite murder/thriller books.”

–Stephanie, Pages & Paw Prints


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