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Double Features Pairing Books by Trope

Have you ever been so fixated on a trope that just one book won’t do? I hear you. Snow days are almost upon us, so I’ve collected some delectable pairings for a reading day in. Need an enemies-to-lovers fix? I’ve got you. Want an intricately staged dating scenario? Look no further. Grab a blanket, light a candle, make some cocoa, and enjoy!


Knife to Throat

The opposite of hate isn’t love, friends, it’s indifference. If I ever fail to squeal when a romantically tense knife to throat scene happens, send someone to check on me.

Friends to Lovers

Nothing is sweeter than childhood friends who’ve grown up together and seen each other at their best and worst finally realizing their undying love for each other. Boy or girl next door, yes please!

Forced Proximity

Let’s not lie to ourselves—we’ve all imagined being stuck in an elevator with the person we’re crushing on. These books are pure wish fulfillment.


A truly top tier trope, the heist. Yes, I do like to pretend (while snacking in the comfort of my living room) that I’m a mastermind who could flawlessly brainstorm and execute any perfect plan. I will not be taking questions.

Only One Bed

If there is only one bed for two (preferably antagonistic) love interests, I will not be going to bed because I will be finishing the book as soon as humanly possible. Thank you, authors.

Fake Dating

This trope never really makes sense, and I desperately want it to happen to me. I’ll have to settle for reading every book about it I can get my hands on.

Star-Crossed Love

What could be more romantic than epic forbidden love when the fate of the entire universe is at stake?? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.

Partnership of Convenience

I present this as the more realistic and equally satisfying twin to the fake dating trope. Sometimes you need to team up with an unlikely ally that you are maybe definitely going to fall in love with. It happens.