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The Cutest Meet-Cutes That Ever Did Meet Cute

What’s the cutest meet-cute that you’ve ever met? The first encounter between romantic interests is always memorable—whether they know it or not, WE know that we’re in for a hell of a ride. Beginnings are exciting and exhilarating, and they’re one of my favorite parts of a couple’s story. So of course I HAD to round-up some of my absolute favorite cute meet-cutes for all you cutie-pies.


Zofi And Vidal From Rule

By Ellen Goodlett

Maybe it’s my affliction for hate-to-love tropes, but man do I love Zofi and Vidal’s first meeting, AKA when Vidal basically kidnaps Zofi to bring her to meet her father (AKA the king of Koloyna). Vidal’s too cocky, Zofi’s determined to not get dragged to Koloyna by Vidal. And while she does end up getting dragged by Vidal to Koloyna, she DOES manage to punch him in the face. Adorable right??? Vidal and Zofi have their own issues to deal with before they can be together, but it’s so obvious that there’s tension between the two from page one. I LOVE IT WHEN THEY HATE EACH OTHER! AND I LOVE IT WHEN THEY DON’T ANYMORE!

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Rosa and Alex from Don’t Date Rosa Santos

By Nina Moreno

I can’t stop/won’t stop talking about this book, and it JUST CAME OUT YA’LL! The absolute perfect summer contemporary read, Don’t Date Rosa Santos has everything I love in a meet-cute. Characters literally crashing into each other, a moody but snuggly boy, and a girl that may or may not know how to ride a bike (but has a great bujo and knows how to plan a kickass Spring Fest). Go fall in love with Alex, but also, more importantly, go FALL IN LOVE WITH ROSA.

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Ryn and Ellis from The Bone Houses

By Emily Lloyd-Jones

Okay, I know you can’t read meet this meet-cute yet (because The Bone Houses doesn’t actually come out until September 😰), but I will say that my fav gravedigger Ryn saves Ellis from a zombie in the most epic of ways, and I squealed when it happened. Ryn and Ellis are a perfect pair—they balance each other out, they have great banter, and save each other’s butts all the time. They make each other stronger, and can let their guards down around each other. Of course, I immediately fell in love after their first zombie killing together.

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Penny and Sam from Emergency Contact

By Mary H.K. Choi

I know that it’s not very “cute” when Sam has a massive panic attack on the side of the road, but Penny and Sam’s meet-cute is so awkward that it’s adorable. Even though it’s not TECHNICALLY their first time meeting, this is the first time they get to see each other’s vulnerable selves so I’m counting it. Everything that could have happened to make it the most awkward encounter in the history of awkward encounters HAPPENS, and it is kind of hilarious. The universe is throwing everything it’s got at Sam and Penny so they DON’T end up together…which makes their gradual friendship and growing love even more powerful and romantic.

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Arran and Dash from Light Years

By Kass Morgan

There are so many cute meet-cutes in Light Years. But two cuties in particular that come to mind are Arran and Dash ❤. When Dash helps Arran buckle in his seatbelt on the plane to the Quatra Fleet Academy? LOVE. I KNEW IT FROM THE BEGINNING. It makes it even more dramatic to know their meeting is star-crossed: Arran and Dash are from two different planets, and (of course) they’re from different social classes that happen to hate each other. UUUGHH THE SPARKS. THE TENSION. JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF FATE. LAAAAVVEEE.

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Frances and Sebastian from The Prince and the Dressmaker

By Jen Wang

Have you dipped your feet into the world of graphic novels yet? If not, I recommend you read The Prince and the Dressmaker immediately. Like right now. GO. LEAVE. Frances and Prince Sebastian’s meet-cute made me scream with joy. Not only are they (again) PERFECT for each other, their meeting has the right amount of chemistry, humor, vulnerability, and cross-dressing princes. BRB gonna reread that scene right now.

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