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The NOVL Bookish Gift Guide

It’s gift giving season, people! And we here at NOVL love nothing more than giving gifts! (except for books, we might love them more…) Anyway! We’ve put together a list of gifts perfect for the bookworms in your life! These bookish gifts will make their book corner cozy, their reading time more perfect, or just bring a smile to their face! Now I’ll hand it off to the members of NOVL HQ with their perfect recs!



Everything is better (and CRITICAL that you own it) when it’s shaped like a book. Even a vase. Especially a vase.

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These stunning alcohol ink art bookmarks are the perfect gift for aesthetically oriented bookshelf builders.

(I own…. more colors than I want to admit)

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You too can have your own Cullen (+ Jacob) boy band!


Like many of us, I love a good candle. I found a candle shop that makes old book scented candles! Ugh! Amazing. (Their other candles all sound amazing!)

This stacked books planter is also too cute!



As someone who is always cold, I would like one of these book blanket things with a hood. Especially the cat one or the witch one lol

I think they also give to a Book charity with every purchase!

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I haven’t bought this, yet, but super intrigued by the Library Home Spray, because I’m a book sniffer.

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Since I know my girl Nisha has Jane Austen fully covered (see below for Nisha’s Pride and Prejudice corner), I figured I would pay homage to the bard!

This Hamlet bag is everything I could ever hope for and more! Plus they have some other book covers including Alice in Wonderland and Dracula. And for your most blood-thirsty friend, a relaxing bath kit inspired by Lady Macbeth!

Nisha’s Jane Austen Emporium