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The Hawthorne Brothers Gift Guide

Wondering what to get the Hawthorne brother in your life? Well look no further! Here is a list of gifts for each of the Hawthorne brothers! Are most of these gift attainable? Of course not! But Tobias Hawthorne was worth 46.2 billion, so I worked within my budget! Also, this is a fake shopping list for cute boys who don’t actually exist, so let me online window shop already!

Nash Hawthorne

Lucchese Boots

What’s a cowboy without a good pair of boots? And Luccheses are arguably the best cowboy boots in the world. And who could resist a good cowboy boot with a bit of caiman leather? While these might be a little fancy for Nash’s laid-back sensibilities, every man could use a nice formal-wear boot!

Stetson Cowboy Hat

A classic cowboy hat to go with the boots above, you simply cannot go wrong with a Stetson. Again, perhaps a little high-brow for Nash’s relaxed style, these hats do well with a little wear and tear and will last for decades. A quality hat is a hat for life!

Pendleton Roll Up Blanket

This blanket is perfect for taking outdoors! Whether you’re curling up under the stars or camping out with a picnic, this roll up blanket is the perfect thing to lay out! With Pendleton’s legendary wool quality, and a nylon backing to help protect the ground-facing side, this is the perfect gift for any outdoorsy guy (particularly if you’re looking to hint that you want him to take you camping)!

Grayson Hawthorne

Dior Tie with Bee Motif

Grayson Hawthorne is nothing if not an excellent dresser. You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous tie from Dior! This tie in black silk with a small bee design is appropriately luxurious and subtle, perfectly fitting within Grayson’s classic sense of style!

Wagner Custom Skis

Any dedicated skier would kill for a nice pair of custom skis, and Wagner offers some of the best! The best part of this gift though? It’s an experience! Grayson can meet with one of their ski engineers to custom build a pair perfectly suited to his own skiing style! It’s a fully curated experience, and in the end you get a one-of-a-kind pair of skis that will line up perfectly with Grayson’s exacting tastes!

Matsuda Sunglasses

Matsuda is the luxury sunglass brand of sunglass brands. With extremely limited stock (and prices that reflect that), Matsudas are entirely handmade in Japan, each pair taking up to two years to create. Their quality is obvious, but they’re not “brand forward” so to speak. Grayson will appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship and precision combined with the understated luxury of these shades. Plus, I just think he’s look fabulous in a pair of these bad boys!

Jameson Hawthorne

Bicycle Peacock Playing Cards

Nothing says Jameson Hawthorne like a deck of cards. Get him a classic set of Bicycle cards but with a twist! These peacock playing cards are appropriately flash, with a metallic foil backing, black and gold suits, and blue and green color details on the face cards. But if peacocks aren’t your thing, Bicycle has a whole variety of decks at affordable prices!

Scarpa Climbing Shoes

These chic climbing shoes are perfect for any climber, but especially our Jameson! Lightweight and flexible, these shoes are perfect for bouldering and short, sport routes. You never know where Jameson might be climbing to, so getting him a nice durable pair of climbers can never hurt!

Ralph Lauren Dice Cup

Another game for our man Jameson, the king of wagers! This time, a luxurious dice cup set, complete with silver-hue dice, a leather dice cup, and a linen storage pouch. It also comes with a games booklet, but knowing Jameson, he probably already knows them all. Consider carrying this with you on all those private plane trips across the globe as you carry on your jet-setting lifestyle!

Xander Hawthorne

Leatherman Multi-tool

Xander Hawthorne, ever the engineer, could always use a nice multitool! And this one is quite possibly the king of multitools. Featuring 19 different tools, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone handy, but especially Xander! You never know when you might need a cutting hook, a large bit driver, or a diamond-coated file – and with this tool they’re only a pocket away!

Indoor S’mores Fire Pit

Nothing says Xander quite like sweets and fire, so why not get him the ultimate indoor s’mores kit! This is the perfect gift to cuddle up with on a snowy night in the living room, so you can pretend like you’re camping without actually having to brave the cold. And you know Xander’s gonna have fun suping up the flame element on this gadget! Just… maybe have a fire extinguisher at the ready.IN

Hand Pie Molds

Okay, so this one is a bit of a gift for Xander, and a gift for you. Why you might ask? Well nothing says couples fun quite like an activity, and knowing Xander’s penchant for sweet baked goods you just know he’d adore making some hand pies! These mold will help guarantee your hand pies turn out as beautiful as they are delicious every time! 

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