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NOVL Newsblast: New Books for Your TBR

Hello! I’m Savannah Kennelly, and this is a NOVL Newsblast. Breaking news: we’ve got new covers to upcoming books that belong on your TBR. Viewer warning: these covers are so beautiful that they may cause immediate preordering. Viewer discretion is advised.

Storm of Olympus

by Claire M. Andrews

My Apollo girlies, are we worried? Because I’m worried! Our favorite ancient Greek duo of Daphne and Apollo are back for the final installment of their saga. After the shocking conclusion of Blood of Troy (vile cliffhanger, Claire. Vile.), let’s just say I would claw through Hades itself to get my hands on this book.

Phoebe’s Diary

by Phoebe Wahl

My teen-hood, your teen-hood, every teen-hood. This is the teenage girl experience captured in book form. Based on the author’s actual teen diaries, this book perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to be in high-school in 2006 but also captures what it’s like to be in school in 2023 or any year. So it’s hell. But like, fun hell?

How to Find a Missing Girl

by Victoria Wlosok

My true-crime girlies are going to love this one! One year after her older sister disappeared, Iris is faced with another missing girl – her ex-girlfriend. An ex-girlfriend who started a podcast about her missing sister right after their breakup and who disappeared right after the drop of her last podcast episode. JUICY, I know. And it only gets more wild as Iris and her amateur detective agency search – and find dangerous answers.

Only She Came Back

by Margot Harrison

The atmospheric thriller queen is back! Margot Harrison brings us another tale of murder with a deeply unreliable narrator, characters with suspicious secrets, and that perfect unsettling ambience! When Kiri Dunmore walks out of the desert wearing her boyfriend’s sweatshirt and covered in his blood, she becomes the prime suspect in his disappearance. And when true-crime fanatic Sam recognizes Kiri is actually shy Katie from high-school, she reaches out. The two strike up a friendship, but will Sam keep Kiri’s secrets when revealing them could put her where she’s always wanted to be – at the center of the story?