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New Adult: Not Thirsty, Bloodthirsty

As a child, I depended on my older cousins to introduce me to the coolest fashion trends, the newest music, and, of course, books and movies that would make my sweet parents (bless them) second-guess giving me a library card. I’m sorry, am I supposed to NOT be fascinated by the iconic (and in the movie, sartorial) moment where pig’s blood is dumped onto Carrie’s HEAD?!?! But I need more. MORE… gore?! So, if you, like me, appreciate a little bloodshed with your afternoon tea, you’re in the right place. Let NOVL be your cool older cousin for the day.

Beyond the Ruby Veil

by Mara Fitzgerald

You know we couldn’t have this list without BEYOND THE RUBY VEIL! Emanuela, my gruesome anti-hero queen, doesn’t want love. She wants that power, and she’ll stop at absolutely nothing to get it. Rumor has it this book has been read across NOVL nation in one sitting- it’s that twisty! I’ll leave you with one word: eyeballs.

None Shall Sleep

by Ellie Marney

EEEE I get so excited just looking at this cover. Emma Lewis and Travis Bell are living out one of my childhood dreams of being recruited by the FBI. Emma’s past as a serial killer survivor is especially useful to her as the duo try to crack their biggest case yet: finding a serial killer who exclusively hunts teens. I need this to be a movie, yesterday.

How to Find a Missing Girl

by Victoria Wlosok

AH, if only true crime podcasts had been around when I was younger. I love to listen to them to fall asleep. For all my true crime obsessed cuties out there, this fast-paced thriller about a sapphic detective club solving the mystery of a missing and beloved cheerleader was meant for you!

So Witches We Became

by Jill Baguchinsky

This feminist, queer horror had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. And just look at the cover, y’all. It starts with a classic setting: teens on a private Florida island over spring break. But then it evolves into an amazing emotional story about female friendship and finding strength from pain (after some VERY CREEPY MISTY MOMENTS!!) It comes out this summer- add to your Goodreads NOW!

Dead End Girls

by Wendy Heard

Maude and Frankie are like a modern, YA Thelma and Louise and I’m obsessed. These two fierce heroines want OUT of their threatening families and do the riskiest thing possible to get that: faking their own deaths. Will they be able to pull it off and escape to a new life, or will the danger along the way prove to be too much?

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

by Holly Black

“One morning, after a perfectly ordinary party, Tana wakes up surrounded by corpses.” UM. MISS HOLLY. We all know Holly Black can deliver a decadent and bloody book like nobody’s business. And yes, there are also vampires in this one. Say less.

The Hearts We Sold

by Emily Lloyd-Jones

I was kinda feeling like there wasn’t enough demon representation on my bookshelf, then I stumbled upon this gem. This book is not just dark and paranormal but covers true and heavy topics as well. The premise will make you pick it up, and the characterization of Dee and James will make you stay.

Immortal Dark

by Tigest Girma

So this book doesn’t publish until the end of 2024, but I wanted to leave you all with a little teaser. Immortal Dark is… elite vampires, dark academia, and has one of my favorite heroines I’ve ever read, Miss Kidan Adane.  DO NOT FORGET MY NAME! DO NOT FORGET ME! (Les Mis voice). Add it to your Goodreads Most Anticipated now, y’all. TRUST me on this one, I’m the cool cousin. And thank me later!