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Kiss, Marry, Kill: The Inheritance Games

We’ve all been in this situation before. You’re hanging out with friends and need to pass the time somehow. The logical solution: Kiss, Marry, Kill. The rules are simple: pick three characters, then decide who you would kiss, who you would marry, and who you would condemn to death eternal by the most tortuous means possible. Now, what possible group of characters could we use as an example? The Hawthorne brothers, duh (even though there are four of them). Below are my personal (and let’s be honest, the correct) selections, but please feel free to endlessly debate this. Kiss, marry, kill. Nash, Grayson, Jameson, Xander. The greatest philosophical question of our time.

Jameson – KISS

IMHO one kiss with Jameson would be enough to sustain me for the rest of my life. The passion. The tension. The thrill. As Miss Dula Peep famously said, “One kiss is all it takes.” Truly, a single kiss with Mr. Jameson Winchester Hawthorne would contain enough heat to make me burst into flames on the spot.

Grayson – MARRY

He’s just so mysterious. It would take a good, long marriage to completely figure him out. Plus, with his sleek suiting, Grayson is really just shouting “husband material.” Like, he’d be the most well-dressed, charismatic date to every gala you attend for the entirety of your lives together. And with his charitable connections, you know there would be a LOT of galas.

Nash – KILL

Nash, I’m so sorry, baby. You were never meant to be mine (Libby has dibs). You’ve yee’d your last haw, and now you must perish.


Is this cheating? Possibly. Do I care? Absolutely not. Xander is my cinnamon roll son now. Together we will bake beautiful baked goods.