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I Made Playlists for Each of the Hawthorne Brothers

I mean, the title really says it all. Those of you who have read The Inheritance Games know about the absolute GRIP these boys have on my heart, because chances are they have your heart in a vise too. Well, whenever I get obsessed with any character, I find I must immortalize my love with a playlist. So here are my playlists for the Hawthorne Brothers.


Nash Hawthorne

Nash, glorious cowboy you, your playlist is full of country classics and some feel good hits. Mostly classics though, because nothing says Texas boy quite like the classics. This is music to drive your car down a dirt road to, thinking of retribution. Or maybe you’re just on your way to the fishing hole. Whatever, doesn’t matter, they’re all bops.


Grayson Hawthorne

Grayson, you are the true wildcard of the group music wise. Sure, your brother Jameson might be the more impulsive, but you have hidden depths that I hope I captured in your playlist. We start out with some classical and modern with classical roots. Then we’ve got a bit of emo in there because if any of the brothers went through an emo phase, it was you Grayson.


Jameson Hawthorne

Jameson, as the rock-star of the group – and I mean that in the 60’s bad-boy swagger sense of the word – your playlist is dominated by rock you can blare in the car. Each of these songs could be the soundtrack to you whisking Avery away on the back of a motorcycle, or driving recklessly in that Aston Martin (my dream, btw). These are black leather jacket, sauntering through the room like a badass sort of songs, and if that isn’t Jameson energy I don’t know what is.


Xander Hawthorne

Xander, you are the one I want to party with. You are, without doubt, the fun Hawthorne and as a result your playlist features songs that I challenge any breathing human not to dance to. I could definitely see you putting this playlist on to test any potential friends – if they can’t dance to it, they don’t pass the vibe check. But many of these songs also have a note of longing – a desire for love and acceptance. Because you may hide behind a happy-go-lucky exterior, but I know deep down all you want is love.