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Historical fiction to feed the part of your soul that just wants to dress up in a fancy gown and stare out a window forlornly

I cannot be the only one who reads historical fiction and then immediately wants to wear a piece of period clothing, right? I mean, who hasn’t read a tale set in the 1920’s and wanted to put on a flapper dress and go have some giggle water at a Gatsby-esque party? Or read a Jane Austen novel and wanted to wear a white dress and go for a simple walk in the park only to get caught in the rain and whisked away on a chestnut horse by a dapper, wealthy gentleman who you may have previously quarreled with but you two will eventually fall in love and it will be absolutely beautiful? Which definitely isn’t a scene from Austenland that I totally have lifted for my daydreams. Look, sometimes you just have to pretend to be in another place and time, and I get you. So here is some historical fiction for the part of your soul that wants to dress up and wander green hills on horseback, or stare out of windows forlornly, or get caught up in a murder plot against the crown. Whatever floats your boat, man.