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Cover Reveal: The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones

Emily Lloyd-Jones, what have you DONE to me?! Seriously, this woman wants to kill me I’m convinced with every book she writes. You cannot make books this good and expect me NOT to have heart palpitations. You’ll remember Emily from The Bone Houses. Well, she’s back playing in that world with The Drowned Woods! In this standalone companion novel, we return to a Welsh-inspired world filled with magic, mysteries, and Otherfolk – fae creatures who are equal parts wondrous and terrifying. Part heist, part dark fairy tale, The Drowned Woods is as atmospheric as it is thrilling! And yes, it did make me cry. And if you haven’t awoken to the genius that is The Bone Houses, don’t worry! You don’t have to have read it to read The Drowned Woods, but there’s also plenty of time to catch up before this bad boy comes out! Now enough of my chatting, let’s get to that ethereal cover!


Illustrator: SPIDER.MONEY


The Drowned Woods

By Emily Lloyd-Jones


Once upon a time, the kingdoms of Wales were rife with magic and conflict, and eighteen-year-old Mererid “Mer” is well-acquainted with both. She is the last living water diviner and has spent years running from the prince who bound her into his service. Under the prince’s orders, she located the wells of his enemies, and he poisoned them without her knowledge, causing hundreds of deaths. After discovering what he had done, Mer went to great lengths to disappear from his reach. Then Mer’s old handler returns with a proposition: use her powers to bring down the very prince that abused them both.

The best way to do that is to destroy the magical well that keeps the prince’s lands safe. With a motley crew of allies, including a fae-cursed young man, the lady of thieves, and a corgi that may or may not be a spy, Mer may finally be able to steal precious freedom and peace for herself. After all, a person with a knife is one thing…but a person with a cause can topple kingdoms.

The Drowned Woods—set in the same world as The Bone Houses but with a whole new, unforgettable cast of characters—is part heist novel, part dark fairy tale.

About the Author


Emily Lloyd-Jones grew up on a vineyard in rural Oregon, where she played in evergreen forests and learned to fear sheep. She has a BA in English from Western Oregon University and a MA in publishing from Rosemont College. She currently resides in Northern California, where she enjoys wandering in redwood forests. Her young adult novels include Illusive, Deceptive, The Hearts We Sold, The Bone Houses, and the forthcoming The Drowned Woods. Her debut middle grade, Unseen Magic, will release in 2022.