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Cover Reveal: ¡Ay, Mija! by Christine Suggs

I think my favorite type of graphic novel is an autobiographical one. There is something about the visual medium that just really jives with autobiography. Which is why I am so excited to tell you about ¡Ay, Mija!, a graphic novel about a summer spent in Mexico learning the language, connecting with family, and finding a place in the world. This book is like a warm cup of tea – or more like a cool cup of iced-tea on a hot summer day! And while I can’t share more with you just yet, I can give you this fabulous cover!

Ay Mija by Christine Suggs

¡Ay, Mija!

by Christine Suggs

Sixteen-year-old Christine takes their first solo trip to Mexico to spend a few weeks with their grandparents and tía. At first, Christine struggles to connect with family they don’t yet share a language with. Seeing the places their mom grew up—the school she went to, the café where she had her first date with their father—Christine becomes more and more aware of the generational differences in their family.

Soon Christine settles into life in Mexico, eating pan dulce, drawing what they see, and growing more comfortable with Spanish. But when Mom joins their trip, Christine’s two worlds collide. They feel homesick for Texas, struggle against traditions, and miss being able to speak to their mom without translating. Eventually, through exploring the impacts of colonialism in both Mexico and themselves, they find their place in their family and start to feel comfortable with their mixed identity.



NOVL - Christine Suggs

About the Author

Christine Suggs is an illustrator, designer, and comic artist. Their work explores the intersection of their identities,namely being a queer, fat, Latinx feminist who loves all things cute. They’re also way too into Pokémon and cats. They’re currently living in Dallas, TX with their super rad husband and insanely adorable pets.