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Choose Your Favorite Indie Sleaze/Tumblr-core Band, Get a Book Rec

I live for the Indie Sleaze Tumblr-core revival! A large portion of my own teen-hood was spent in the shadow of Tumblr icons while listening to whatever sad, raw indie band was currently front of mind. There is a particular joyous melancholy to Indie Sleaze that speaks to my soul – the same part of my soul that loves Phoebe’s Diary! Phoebe’s Diary is a fictional diary based on the authors actual teen journals set in 2006 at the height of MySpace and in the nascent stages of Indie Sleaze. But reading the book, the emotions felt like they came from my own heart. Not to be trite, but I did feel very seen. And since music is such a major part of Phoebe’s life, I figured I would take this opportunity to wax poetic and make a quiz! SO. Choose your favorite Indie Sleaze/Tumblr-core band, I’ll tell you what to read next! And for all you musical purists out there, yes I know not every band on here is Indie Sleaze. But they are Indie Sleaze adjacent or influences on the subgenre. And yes, Phoebe wouldn’t have been able to listen to all these back in 2006, but you know she’d rock out to Halsey or The 1975!