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Belladonna Characters as the Zodiac Signs

The paperback of Belladonna hit shelves on July 25th, the best day ever (and I’m only a slightly impartial birthday girl) and in celebration I’ve put together the star signs of our favorite Thorn Grove residents…and beyond…and even the great beyond. We don’t know for certain all these characters star signs but it’s fun to zero in on their quirky traits. Plus, it’s almost Leo season so I’m doing what I want!


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Aries

Percy Hawthorne

Bold, ambitious, a little hotheaded. Percy tends to leap before he looks, determined to get what he wants. Who can blame the first sign of the zodiac for wanting to be, well, first!


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Taurus

Elijah Hawthorne

Strong, practical, maybe not as reliable as other Taurus individuals, but a bull nonetheless. Plus, a Taurus is known for enjoying the decadent aspects of life, which we know Elijah can’t deny.


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Gemini

Lord Everett Wakefield

Her first glance at Lord Everett Wakefield and Signa loses her train of thought. Charismatic? Curious? Connected? He is all of the above.


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Cancer

Signa Farrow

Signa’s birthday is technically in the spring but seeing as these crabs are known for their highly intuitive, almost psychic abilities, it seems only fitting that Signa might be born under Cancer. Plus, Cancers will do whatever it takes to protect themselves, with that hard shell and all.


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Leo

Blythe Hawthorne

Elijah describes Signa’s mother Rima as “like the sun. All wanted to be near her. But those who ventured too close? They would burn. [She] did what she wanted without apology, and she was beautiful for it.” And then he goes on to say Blythe reminds him of Rima. Sounds like two Leos to me!


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Virgo

Byron Hawthorne

Virgos aren’t boring per se, they’re just logical, practical, and determined to get stuff done. They’re diligent and consistent. Byron might not be the warmest character, but he’s definitely leaning towards some Virgo tendencies.


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Libra


Libra is literally represented by scales. And as Death reminds Signa, “Life and death is a game of balance. A balance that must always be maintained.”


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Scorpio

Sylas Thorly

Why do I always picture Scorpios as dark and brooding? I know plenty that aren’t. But since that’s just what I envision, plus being driven, stubborn, slightly obsessive, Sylas is our Scorpio. AND water signs use and channel the emotions around them so…I mean no spoilers but once you get it, you get it.


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Sagittarius

Lillian Hawthorne

Lillian is on a quest for knowledge. Or rather, she kind of has the knowledge, and she’s dead, but even as a spirit she’s determined to impart the knowledge of what happened to her and uncover all the truths. Plus when she was alive, she was eager, enthusiastic, and always got her way. Total Sagittarius.


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Capricorn

Marjorie Hargreaves

Capricorns are known for their dedication to their chosen task. They can be strategic and patient, but always ambitious. Marjorie has her flaws, but no one could ever say she wasn’t patient, and determined to create the best life possible.  


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Aquarius

Charlotte Kilinger

Aquarians are the most humanitarian and are quite sensitive creatures. Charlotte might not exhibit the stereotypical rebellious tendencies of the water bearer, but she doesn’t always go along with the crowd and she cares, if not quietly, for those close to her.


NOVL - Illustrated icon depicting the sign for Pisces

Thaddeus Kipling

“A spirit tethered to life by its desire to read!” Pisces are creative, imaginative, and intuitive. They absorb all the lessons and knowledge of preceding signs and are known for also having psychic tendencies. Thaddeus is determined to gain as much knowledge as possible and considering his ability to um, get inside others thoughts, Pisces seems the perfect fit.