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A Fan Playlist for Heiress Takes All

It’s almost summer, time for grabbing a hotly anticipated new novel, setting up your favorite beach chair, and throwing a playlist on your Bluetooth speaker (Or headphones. I love this playlist but don’t be that person at the beach/pool.)  Heiress Takes All is the book you’re going to want to grab. It’s The Inheritance Games meets Oceans 11, as a teenager tries to pull off the perfect heist in the middle of her father’s wedding. But of course, nothing goes exactly as she planned.

I had to then create the perfect playlist to listen to, either in anticipation of the story, while you read the book, or after you’ve finished. In fact, may I humbly recommend you add this playlist to a regular rotation? It has everything! I am a sucker for the big band, classic, jazzy sounds of I guess what might be called your traditional wedding reception songs? I had to start off with those. Then quickly this collection takes a sharp turn down a darker, more vengeful path. But aren’t those some of the best songs? Songs that get your blood pumping, that make you feel like a king or queen, that make you feel like you will come out on top no matter what? Plus just some fun, perhaps too literal, but hilarious, absurd jams as well. And possibly a hint at what’s to come…



by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Owens isn’t thrilled that her dad’s getting remarried…again. She’s especially not thrilled that he cheated on her mom, kicked them out of their Rhode Island home, and cut Olivia out of her rightful inheritance.

But this former heiress has a plan for revenge. While hundreds of guests gather on the grounds of the gorgeous estate where she grew up, everyone will be thinking romance—not robbery. She’ll play the part of dutiful daughter, but in reality she’ll be redistributing millions from her father’s online accounts. She only needs the handwritten pass code he keeps in the estate’s safe.

With the help of an eclectic crew of high school students and one former teacher, Olivia has plotted her mid-nuptial heist down to the second. But she didn’t plan for an obnoxiously nosy wedding guest, an interfering ex-boyfriend intent on winning her back, greedy European cousins with their own agenda, or a vengeful second wife. When everything seems like it’s going wrong, Olivia has to keep her eyes on what really matters: getting rich. And when she’s done, “something borrowed” will be the understatement of the year.