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Bridesmaid Survival Tips

Here comes the…bridesmaid! At a wedding, the bride and groom are in the spotlight, the main stars of the show. But just like all the people behind the scenes in a Bollywood movie, a bridesmaid is a key character in the production of a wedding. It can be so much fun but also pretty stressful! Here are some tips for being the best bridesmaid possible, and check out SISTER OF THE BOLLYWOOD BRIDE to see Mini save the day and help her sister Vinnie have the most wonderful wedding ever.



Find a pair of shoes that match the outfit but that you can spend hours in. And wear them before the day of the wedding! Break them in and your toes will be much happier and you’ll be more likely to dance the night away.



Whether it’s the dress, the hair, the makeup or the traditions, just go with the flow. Typically, the bride has dreamt about this day and taken time to do things she hopes are special. Keep it in mind and do whatever you can to make the day easier for her.



All the excitement of the big day and people forget to eat! Bring some non-greasy snacks for when everyone is getting ready and make sure to eat throughout the day. No one wants a bunch of hangry bridesmaids!



It’s stressful for everyone but mostly the bride and groom! Offer your assistance where possible and just let them know you’re here to help. Whether it’s calming nerves, making the flower girl giggle for photos, or pulling out a tissue from your bouquet to dry happy tears, just be there as much as possible.




Yes, it’s probably important to have a first aid kit handy, but you should put together a bridesmaid emergency kit too. A mini sewing kit, safety pin, a few spare bobby pins, hair tie, tissues, and a detergent pen. I cannot stress this enough, a Tide to-go pen or Shout wipe will be your best friend when one of the bridesmaid gets a little salsa on her sleeve or the best man gets cake on his tie.



A wedding is a celebration! The bride and groom hope that everyone has a good time and the most important part is that everyone is together, celebrating love. Get on the dancefloor, chat up the cute single person in the corner, and eat cake. You deserve it!