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The September 2020 NOVLBOX Curated by Sarah Rees Brennan

Ah, September! Its the start of not only a new month, but a new season and you know what that means. New NOVLbox time! And our very special curator this month is none other than Sarah Rees Brennan, author of Fence: Striking Distance! She’s chosen to include her book along with a bevy of other fantastic tomes! So read on to hear why she chose this selection for you. and enter to win them all!


Delighted to be curating this month’s NOVLbox! I have much to say on the topic of the books I have chosen. Readers, lend me your eyes. (I will give them back.)

The Darkest Part of the Forest: Have you read Holly Black’s Cruel Prince series? (If not, do!) Do you find yourself longing for more dark faerie fare from the dark faerie queen? Here it is! A girl, a boy, a changeling next door, a beautiful prince in a glass coffin. Also, this book is dedicated to MEEEE. You can check: it’s true. It also contains the lightly fictionalized version of a bad date I once had. (I haven’t dated any faeries. Or have I? Maybe I would.)

Huntress: Listen, all Malinda Lo’s work is great, she’s been serving some of the best wlw in YA (and just some of the best YA in general) for ten years. This book combines Chinese and Celtic mythology in a way that feels both classic and new. Kickass girl meets mystical girl. Prince meets one of his guard. You KNOW what I’m sayin’.

The Enigma Game by E. Wein: I’ve been a fan of this author since The Winter Prince, her first Arthurian novel. Everything she writes is gold, and her novel Code Name Verity writing of daring young women in World War II knocked everyone’s socks off. Now The Enigma Game comes, with British Intelligence meeting an intelligent young lady a small Scottish town, and once more nobody’s socks are safe. (Also I stole this esteemed author’s hat, but that’s not important at this time.)

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Dr Barnes is one of the smartest people I know: everything I know about parasocial relationships, I know because of her. She’s the perfect person to write ‘eccentric billionaire leaves you the whole pile… is there a catch?’ P.S. Hey, at least one of the dispossessed but chiseled young heirs might be a catch…

These are my picks: I know you’ll love them!
– Sarah Rees Brennan