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21 Things You Won’t Get If You Aren’t a Reader

1. The panic that comes from being a hundred pages from the end of the penultimate book in the series and everyone is happy. Because you know the writer is gonna throw a wrench in that, ASAP.


2. A good, proper book-hangover.


3. Getting caught reading in class.


4. Thinking about what characters are up to after the final page.


5. When you lose your bookmark and you gotta scramble for anything, anything to hold your place. Because dog-earing is for HEATHENS.


6. Getting your reading spot perfectly cozy before a long reading session. I’m talking throw pillow, blankets, cozy socks, hot cup of tea, the whole



7. Remembering a swoon-worthy part of a book and unconsciously smiling/sighing to yourself in public.


8. Building up those forearm muscles by holding a capital “B” Big Book.

9. Tailoring your reading choices to the location you’ll be reading them in, i.e. having a subway book, office book, home book…


10. Struggling to decide which book(s) to bring with you on vacation and trying to optimize your read-time to luggage-space ratio.


11. Thinking about imaginary characters as if they were your real-life love interest.


12. The never-ending TBR.


13. Pretending to be book characters in the bathroom mirror.


14. Obsessing fan theories before the final book comes out.


15. Bringing a book to a party. And reading said book at said party. Because, tbh, your fictional friends are cooler than real friends anyway.


16. Requesting more books at the library than you can possibly read in this lifetime.


17. Building a reading playlist.


18. Losing all your bookmarks, but discovering that when you use an old receipt to keep your place, you never lose it.


19. Optimizing your reading to hit that Goodreads goal, bb.


20. The pain of sitting through class while wondering what’s gonna happen to your favorite characters, but knowing you can’t find out until after the school day.


21. Wanting to read more, but realizing you’ve been sitting reading for 8+ hours and your muscles have atrophied to the point of no longer being able to lie down comfortably.