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7 Sibling Relationships, Definitively Ranked from Best to Worst

Whether your brothers and sisters have your back, or they’re doing a little bit of back-stabbing, our sibling relationships can change our lives. So—of course—sibling relationships are one of the most interesting and fun things to read about in books! And—of course—I have some opinions on my favorite and least favorite brothers and sisters. This brings us here, today, dear NOVLers: my definitive, decisive ranking of the best (and worst) siblings in NOVL Young Adult history.

To clarify, I am ranking these characters on the principles of what I believe is most important in a sibling relationship: trust, care, and wisdom shared. Do they support each other, through thick and thin? Do they love each other, despite their differences? When their parents are being butts, will they protect each other?

So here it is! And for anyone that refutes my ranking, I’ll leave you with this quote from Try Guy and Rank King, the great Eugene Lee Yang: “I’m right. You’re wrong. Shut up.”

Mimi and Dove

Mark and Kurl

The Plain Janes

Minya and Sarai

Taryn and Jude

Magpie and Eryn

Lyosha and Ekata