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I Built a Playlist According to Each Folk of the Air Character

I think a playlist can tell you a lot about a person. Not only do you get a vibe of their music preferences, but I think a personal playlist helps you understand what they connect with and maybe why. For example, my high-school driving playlists were largely punk-rock interspersed with the occasional Taylor Swift, Barenaked Ladies, and Florence + the Machine. What does that say about me? Well, that I’m rebellious and free, but I just want to be loved and live in a rom-com, and I like to joke around while re-living the ‘90s, but I also want to be a forest witch. All of which are kind of true. And when I re-listen to those playlists, I get right back into that mood. 

So in the interest of helping you get into the mindset of the characters from the Folk of the Air, we bring you these playlists to enjoy! 

Jude Duarte

Taryn Duarte

(Really anything by Taylor Swift. You just know Taryn is a T-Swifty stan.)

Cardan Greenbriar





The Roach

The Bomb

The Ghost