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Commit a Book Sin, and We’ll Tell You Which Character You Are from The Good Place

Holy shirtballs: If you haven’t seen The Good Place yet, what are you doing with your life???

The Good Place is a sitcom that follows Eleanor Shellstrop’s afterlife in The Good Place—or the place where morally good humans are brought after they die. The only problem is that Eleanor was sent to The Good Place by mistake: in life, Eleanor was actually selfish, rude, and a straight up meanie butt. But with the help of friends and unlikely allies, Eleanor strives to become a person worthy of being in The Good Place. Chaos, hilarity, and ethics lessons ensue.

While I’m still waiting for the third season to hit Netflix (DON’T FORKING SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME), I’ve been thinking about all the reasons why I’d be sent to The Bad Place…and they’re all book related. TBH we’ve all committed book sins that are horrible enough to send us to The Bad Place.

So I want to know what book sins you’ve committed. 😈 Tell me what book sin would send you to The Bad Place, and I’ll tell you which character you are.

I’d be sent to The Bad Place because once my friend let me borrow The Host, and I accidently kept it for 6 years. 😬