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Random Lines from Random Books We Randomly Pulled Off the Shelf…Randomly

The LBYR library is a strange, beautiful, eclectic, whimsical, unpredictable place. It is filled with all the books we’ve published for the past… twenty years? Ten years? But there are books in there that came out in the seventies, so…? To be honest I don’t know what the rules govern the LBYR library, but I don’t care. I can accept that some mysteries of the universe will never be solved. All I know is the library brings about many an hour of joyous distraction at work.

Sometimes, I’ll just wander the shelves, looking at the books of this and yester-year, discovering some deep, hidden gem. When we’re filming our Instagram stories (catch us on @thenovl), between takes the NOVL gang will occasionally pull out random books that will catch our eye, flip to a random page, and sometimes if we’re lucky, the page we flip to is pure gold!

So, in the name of quality content, we have decided that we will bring this game to you! Bill, Natali, and I all gathered in the LBYR library and carried out our mission, bringing you the best of the random book randomness that the book randoms can random. Randomly.


Posh and Prejudice

By Grace Dent

“They’re all PROPER OBSESSED with getting good home-work grades and getting good AS grades ‘cos everyone reckons if you get good AS grades then you can get good A2 levels next year and then if you get good predicted A2 grade and have good hobbies and stuff for you uni application forms then you can go to a good uni.”

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Because I’m Worth It

By Cecily Von Ziegesar

“He swept his hand over his head self-consciously. It felt odd, but somehow cleaner than before, more… homogenous. And that was exactly what he wanted – to be judged by his work, not his hair.”

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Immortal Beloved

By Cate Tiernan

“They were both nice animals, in that they were patient and calm, unlike, say, the chicken from hell.”

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Beautiful Creatures

By Kami Garcia + Margaret Stohl

“And something else, something he was chewing. He had a ball of something in his mouth. I bent down to take it from him. It was a crumpled, soggy Polaroid.”

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North of Beautiful

By Justina Chen

“His honesty stung almost more than the blast of laser on my cheek.”

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My Best Everything

By Sarah Tomp

“I crept out of the bedroom, fingers pressed against the wall for support. You sat at the kitchen table. ‘You need to puke again?’”

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Girl Overboard

By Justina Chen

“I abandon my feeble attempt to manga-journal.”

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Defy the Stars

By Claudia Gray

“Nervy. But they don’t have time for nerve.”

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The Summer of Us

By Cecilia Vinesse

“But now it was nearly eleven thirty. Clara was on the floor, cramming knotted phone chargers and sandals into her bag.”

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The Girls’ Book Of Love

Edited by Catherine Dee

“Quick List: Hot Dates”

Sometimes what you do can be as fun as who goes with you. A well-planned date means a rewarding experience, even if the guy turns out to be a dud. Dinner, movies, and coffee are a start, but consider these ideas too:

• Bowling
• A beach cleanup