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10 BOOkish NOVL Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. So if you don’t have your costume ready, you better get your act together. Books are a great source of inspiration for costumes, though, so I’ve graciously rounded up a few ideas for you!

I hope to see some of these on social media. I would say, “I hope to see these in person at all the cool parties I’m going to on the 31st.” But let’s be honest, I’ll be eating Kit Kats watching Hocus Pocus until I fall asleep at 10 pm, because Halloween is on a Thursday this year folks.


Bone Goat from The Bone Houses. Need I say more? I’ll say more anyway. Get a goat onesie. Paint a skeleton face onto your face. BOOM, best costume, best goat.


Wear an outfit that has constellations and stars on it. Tape a printed out Google Maps sign to your body, with the name of destination saying “You.” You will be When the Stars Lead to You.


Put a crown on. Carry around nothing: nothing in your wallet, nothing in your purse. Nothing in your soul. You’re the Queen of Nothing.


Wear your pajamas. Put on a sign that says “Hello, my name is Strange.” You’re Strange the Dreamer. (Disclaimer: This was my costume last year for the LBYR Halloween party, and yes I did get giggles so it is pun-approved.)


This one’s a squad costume. Wear very bland clothing. Legally change all your names to Jane. You are the PLAIN Janes.


Wear a white sheet. Carry around a tire, or a wagon wheel. Whatever is most convenient. You’re Phantom Wheel.


Use a large cardboard box to create a cell phone costume. On the screen, draw a fake Tinder profile for someone named “Murder.” When you walk up to people, constantly swipe right. You’re Swipe Right for Murder.


Here’s a cute couple’s costume. Have whichever partner is the best dancer prance very elegantly around everyone all night. Have them constantly list off all the things they’re grateful for. Have the other partner wear a sign with a heated Twitter argument, and have them run around screaming. You two are Grace & Fury.


Buy a fog machine. Steal your grandparents’ dentures. Bring them both to the party. You’re Teeth in the Mist.


Create a bag of fake blood. Freeze it. Then carry your frozen blood around the party. You are Frostblood.