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Cover Reveal: Supernova by Kass Morgan

Last summer, I was floored by the ending of Light Years, the first book in a new duology by Kass Morgan (author of The 100 series). I was just minding my own business, reading a fun, fast-paced sci-fi novel, enjoying myself, and then WHAM. CLIFFHANGER. OUT OF NOWHERE.


I guess the best cliffhangers always come out of nowhere, but I’m still upset because Supernova, the sequel, doesn’t release until October and I have TOO MANY QUESTIONS. To tide us all over, I’m pleased to present our gorgeous new cover for Supernova, which is just making me even more excited to finish this series!


And, in an extremely spoilery list, here are (in no particular order) the biggest questions I had at the end of Light Years that I need answered in Supernova:


  1. What is going to happen to Orelia???? What is going through Zafir’s mind??? I KNOW HE LOVES HER, SO HE’S GOTTA LET HER GO FREE, RIGHT???
  2. How are Cormak, Vesper, and Arran going to react when they find out Orelia’s been arrested and that she’s a FREAKING SPECTER? WILL THEY STAND BY HER SIDE? WILL THEY BREAK HER OUT? *SCREECH*
  3. Cormak has been attending the Quatra Fleet Academy under his brother’s name this whole time…so what’s going to happen when Vesper, Arran, and Orelia find out his real identity???
  4. We know the story from the humans’ perspectives, but will we finally understand what’s been happening from the Specters’ perspectives? What other secrets have the Quatra Fleet Academy been hiding from our heroes?
  5. Will the Specters attack again, now that the Quatra Fleet Academy’s location has been compromised? AND HOW IS OUR FAVORITE FLIGHT CREW GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD WITHOUT ORELIA?



Reeling from the latest attack by a mysterious enemy, the Quatra Fleet Academy is finally admitting students from every planet in the solar system after centuries of exclusivity.

Hotshot pilot Vesper, an ambitious Tridian citizen, dreams of becoming a captain—but when she loses her spot to a brilliant, wisecracking boy from the wrong side of the asteroid belt, it makes her question everything she thought she knew. Growing up on the toxic planet Deva, Cormakwill take any chance he can get to escape his dead-end life and join the Academy—even if he has to steal someone’s identity to do it. Arran was always considered an outsider on icy Chetire, always dreaming of something more than a life working in the mines. Now an incoming cadet, Arran is looking for a place to belong—he just never thought that place would be in the arms of a Tridian boy. And Orelia is hiding a dark secret—she’s infiltrated the Academy to complete a mission, one that threatens the security of everyone there. But if anyone finds out who she really is, it’ll be her life on the line.

These cadets will have to put their differences aside and become a team if they want to defend their world from a cunning enemy—and they might even fall in love in the process.





With a galaxy on the brink of war and loyalties divided, the friendship of four Quatra Fleet cadets will be tested as their greatest enemy closes in.


Arrested for espionage, Orelia’s future is looking bleak . . . until the Quatrans make her a surprising offer that could save her life — and the lives of everyone in the galaxy. Reeling from a betrayal, Arran finds comfort in a sympathetic boy from Loos, someone who understands how hard it can be to fit in. But is it enough for Arran to forget his heartbreak? Meanwhile, Cormak’s position at the Academy is in jeopardy when someone discovers his own treasonous secret, putting everything he’s fought for in peril. And Vesper is on the brink of becoming the superstar officer she always dreamed she’d be . . . until she uncovers a conspiracy that shakes her faith in the Quatra Fleet to its core.


As secret machinations come to light, these cadets will be forced to overcome their differences and band together to restore peace to their worlds.


Kass Morgan, the bestselling author of The 100, once again delivers pulse-pounding action and glittering romance in this sequel to Light Years.