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Books to Cool You Down in the Summer Heat


I’m an autumn girl: my heart resides in a world of eternal apple cider, trees with fiery leaves, and constant 60-degree weather. So while I love beach outings and long summer evenings, I’m usually counting the days until fall (while lying in a pool of sweat).


But sweater season is almost upon us, NOVLers, and I’ll be checking out these books to remind me that cooler days are just around the corner: hopefully they’ll cool you down as well!



The Coldest Girl In Coldtown Cover


I wish was a cold girl and that I lived in a cold town…but not the type of cold girl or cold town Holly Black talks about in her book. This book reminds me of fall: the vampires, the blood, and the mystery put me in a Halloween/horror mood. Read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown for the spooky vibes (and obviously anything that Holly Black writes is gold)!



Wintertown Cover


Another cold town I wish I resided in… is it too early to be hyped for winter when fall hasn’t even passed? I’ll probably be kicking myself in the butt for saying this when it’s negative 10 Degrees outside. Winter Town takes place over one winter when Evan’s old childhood friend, Lucy, comes back to town completely changed. If you liked Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist or are a huge graphic novel fan, give this one a try!



Frost Blood Cover


Even though this book is all about Ruby embracing her Fireblood powers… I’d probably be a Frostblood. In a battle of flame vs. ice, ice will win in my heart. Here at NOVL, we love the world-building, tension, and drama in the Frostblood universe and just how binge-worthy this series is. (P.S. the last book in the trilogy, Nightblood, JUST came out, so now you don’t even have to wait for any more books to come out!).



The Hearts We Sold Cover


Speaking of icy hearts, how about people who don’t have any hearts…Dee sold her heart to a demon in exchange for one wish to come true. And if I could sell my heart, I would have infinite crisp, chilly weather and a never ending supply of leather boots. The Hearts We Sold is another perfect supernatural book to put you in the Halloween spirit!



Stay cool, NOVLers.