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Books with Things to Do on Your Self-Care Days


Sometimes I want books that set my heart racing. Sometimes I need books that will rip my heart to shreds. Sometimes I need books that propel me into a rage because the world is on fire. But recently I’ve wanted books that put me in a calm state of mind, that chill me out, and encourage me to relax and release all this built up tension I’ve been holding inside. Reading stories that challenge us is important, but so is self-care.


After a V STRESSFUL midterm election, you should take a quick break. So BREATHE. Let it all out, and take care of yourselves, NOVLers. Here are some books with suggestions on how to spend your self-care day:




The Revolution Handbook By Alice Skinner

Now that the midterm elections are over with wins and losses, hope and frustration, take it all out in The Revolution Handbook! In the vein of Wreck This Journal, but made specifically with young feminists in mind, The Revolution Handbook is full of prompts and coloring pages, from practicing making protest signs, to logging scripts for calling your representatives, and to even sewing Trump’s mouth shut! Trust me, it’s very cathartic.




The Creativity Project By Colby Sharp

When things feel like they’re falling apart or everything’s crumbling to pieces…create! The act of making something new always revitalizes me and encourages me to keep moving forward. In The Creativity Project, authors, illustrators, and artists alike made projects based on prompts they shared with each other, and encourage others to do the same through prompts they made for you! Channeling all my thoughts and emotions into art is SUCH a relief. And, you know, now you have art.



Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around the World By Vashti Harrison

When I’m ever feeling overwhelmed at work, I’ll flip through my desk copy and spend time staring at Vashti’s illustrations: each page profiles a different revolutionary woman from all around the world, and they’re all just so darn cute and sophisticated and soothing. The bios and stories fill me with joy. The illustrations fill me with joy. It’s all around a very joyful book. 10/10, would recommend.




Just Breathe: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement, and More by Mallika Chopra

Our friends over at Running Press Kids just published a fantastic book about meditation and mindfulness! Even though I took a class in college that taught me how to meditate, honestly I’m still not sure how to do it. This is a cute little guide had fun illustrations and guides for the meditation novice, so not even I could mess it up. Take a (literal) breath.



What’s your favorite way to relax?