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Signs as Characters from Strange the Dreamer

For someone that doesn’t really believe in astrology, I LOVE KNOWING WHAT PEOPLE’S SIGNS ARE. And so because I am an expert (I am not an expert), here are my pairings of Strange the Dreamer characters and which Zodiac signs they’d be!

And yes I am a Capricorn, and yes I am aware that I chose Thyon Nero to represent Capricorns, but I also kind of get him (but not the stealing credit from Lazlo part) so pls don’t @ me.

(P.S. Today we’re basing character/character traits off Strange characters, more so than new/evolved characters in Muse.)

Aries // Calixte

Courageous, Energetic, Willful

Cancer // Azareen

Intuitive, Compassionate, Protective

Libra // Feral

Charming, Sincere, Fair

Capricorn // Thyon Nero

Serious, Independent, Disciplined, Tenatious

Taurus // Tzara

Strong, Dependable, Sensual, Creative

Leo // Ruby

Dramatic, Outgoing, Fiery, Self-assured

Scorpio // Minya

Stubborn, Resourceful, Brave

Pisces // Sparrow

Affectionate, Empathetic, Understanding

Gemini // Sarai

Expressive, Curious, Kind, Versatile

Virgo // Eril Fane

Pratical, Loyal, Gentle, Analytical

Sagittarius // Ruza

Extroverted, Funny, Generous

Aquarius // Lazlo

Deep, Imaginative, Original, Uncompromising


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