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Reading the Stars: June 2021 Horoscopes

Okayyyy peeps so the weather is hot, and the sunglasses are out. Best of all, we are getting vaccinated, and it might actually be ok to hug people again, gasp!

So, with closeness and like, handholding being a thing again, it’s natural to have romance on the mind. Maybe a sweet summer fling? A meet cute at some random fro-yo bar (are fro-yo bars still a thing?), or possibly love at first sight (don’t roll your eyes, we live on a floating rock, ok? Anything could happen). So, without further ado here’s what the stars are telling you to read based on your summer lovin’ love journey…



Anna and the French Kiss

By Stephanie Perkins


So lowkey kind of jealous of Anna as she has not one but two possible opportunities for love, not to mention she gets to go to school in the city of love (Paris).

Just like your sign, Aries, you’re on fire with the romance factor at the moment. You might not even know it, but you are. Sooo take that chance, text your crush that random thought you had, YOU ask them out. The worst that could happen is they say no, and then well, we move on to the next cutie, 😉




Today Tonight Tomorrow

By Rachel Lynn Solomon


Denial like the river, Taurus! You like that person you’ve been pretending to hate. We see you, sure they might have been your enemy for a long time and they drive you insane, but let’s be real, you love it. The day wouldn’t be the same without your ridiculous back and forth banter. Be honest with yourself and just admit it.




Ask again later

By Liz Czukas


The rulers of being indecisive, do you want the cute one with the heart of gold or the one with the dangerous mind but sensitive heart?

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could play out both relationships to see which person would fit us best? Yeah, this book will literally make you wish that was a thing…Heart gets to play out both scenarios of prom night and one of those paths might just lead to true love. #Crying!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Gemini season babies, celebrate loving you before anyone!




Save the Date

By Morgan Matson


Family weddings, family drama. You love your family but like, you kind of want your own love story, one your fam can read along with…from a distance. Too close and your aunt will tell you her opinions and your mom will try and set you up with her coworker’s stepson. Speaking from experience.




The Sun is Also a Star

By Nicola Yoon


We’re feeling risky with love this summer, aren’t we Leos? Let’s be honest, risky is your middle name but yeah, you’re going for at all costs no matter what, you’re gonna be with your person no matter what.




Better than the Movies

By Lynn Painter


So you love the idea of love and all things love is supposed to be, well…in the movies, haha pun intended. Though this summer, you might actually find your love and it might NOT be like the movies, it will be messy and crazy, and unpredictable, but that might be even better than anything you’ve ever imagined, better than the movies (wink, wink)!




Fence: Disarmed

By Sarah Rees Brenan


My Libras, you like order…in your life. In everyone else’s you LIVE for the spill of the tea, the secrets, the juicy details, well start reading hon. Cause this book will take you there. Maybe even take you away from the messy parts of your own love life you’d like to not think about at the moment.




Some Girls Do

By Jennifer Dugan


So yeah, it seems like the energy you’re giving off is different from your significant other (or for our still single peeps, the one you want to be with) If you say right, they say left. You can’t get on the same page, though all relationships are is a little thing called compromise…Morgan and Ruby are very different beings, yet they were drawn to each other for a reason. So, take the time to listen to what they want, sure you might not want to spend a hot summer day at some freezing museum looking at art, but I’m sure it will mean the world to your someone if you just go with it, at least once.




Instructions for Dancing

By Nicola Yoon


The ultimate question you’ve been asking yourself, Sag, is love worth it?
You might not know the exact fate like Evie does with romance but you’ve been wondering you want to go through this whole song and dance AGAIN…or is it all just a myth. Well, call me crazy but I say go for it, boo. It has to be better than always wondering ‘what if?’




When Dimple Met Rishi

By Sandhya Menon


Hehehe you’re gonna find love when you’re not even looking, Capricorns. Everyone’s been trying to hook you up with everyone and just when you are about to give up, it will come. But only when you are fully NOT thinking about it. I know, easier said than done, my friends!




Sister of the Bollywood Bride

By Nandini Bajpai


Yeah, you’ve been focusing on helping your best friend work it out with her boo and calming everyone else’s love life down to be fine and you’ve forgotten about your own, get out there and set yourself on a blind date, we all know you have the connections to do so.




I believe in a thing called Love

By Maureen Goo


Our hopeless romantics, our lovers of love no matter how many times it might have stabbed you in the back. We believe in love too, it will come Pieces but only if you are willing to grow with it. Love is a winding road, not a straight line, wait that’s not the saying, but you get it.