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Shaking Up Tradition! with Nandini Bajpai

I grew up in New Delhi in a large family with three sisters and lots of cousins. I also went to a women’s college, which was kind of like an Indian Wellesley or Barnard. Many of the girls I grew up with had arranged marriages and they were not the stereotypical negative experiences you might expect. I hope that A Match Made in Mehendi expands the way people think outside their own lived experience and makes them more open and accepting of love in all its forms.

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Claire Eliza Bartlett's Guide to Survival in the Union of the North

by Claire Eliza Bartlett, author of We Rule the Night

The Union works day and night to ensure the preservation of our homeland in this total war. Trust in the Union, and follow all posted directives, approved radio instructions, bunker etiquette and curfew and ration law. They are made to protect not just you, but us all. Read this guide to ensure your survival in the Union of the North.

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Read to Resist with Samira Ahmed, author of Internment

If you haven’t heard yet (you should’ve, though—I never shut up about this book), Internment by Samira Ahmed comes out in exactly a month! We had the pleasure of hearing Samira introduce her novel in person, but we want the world to hear and see her words, so we filmed it just for you. Bonus: her ARC letter because she is such an inspiring and stunning writer.

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