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NOVL Newsblast: New Covers, Hot Off the Presses

Hello. I’m Savannah Kennelly, and this is a NOVL Newsblast. I’m here with fresh new covers, hot off the presses!

I’ll Be Waiting for You

by Mariko Turk

Mariko Turk returns with this emotional will-they-won’t-they romance about two teens learning to navigate love and loss. It’s giving You’ve Reached Sam tear-jerker and I am here for it!

So Let Them Burn

by Kamilah Cole

Sisterhood, romance, and DRAGONS?! Yes, please and thank you! Don’t miss the start of this stunning Jamaican-inspired fantasy series!

Freshman Year

by Sarah Mai

Angst, humor, and self-doubt? Sounds like Freshman Year. My freshman year, your freshman year… this graphic novel is so relatable it hurts and will encapsulate what it’s like going away to college.

Disciples of Chaos

by M. K. Lobb

Seven Faceless Saints fans rejoice! The sequel is on its way, and it’s even better than book one! Only this time there’s more CHAOS.

Six Truths and a Lie

by Ream Shukairy

Returning champion Ream Shukairy is back with Six Truths and a Lie, a thrilling novel about six Muslim teens falsely accused of a deadly attack. Will they frame each other, or expose their own secrets to gain their freedom?

No Going Back

by Patrick Flores-Scott

From award-winning author Patrick Flores-Scott comes a fever-pitch paced novel about one teen’s quest for redemption after release from a Youth Detention Center. Will he make it to his first meeting with his parole officer, or face having to go back?

This Night is Ours

by Ronni Davis

This romance is as much about finding yourself as it is about finding love! It’s the summer before college, and Brandy will need to face the uncertainty of her future and familial pressure. But will she have the courage to really go after what she wants in life?