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My Fan Playlist for Disciples of Chaos

So, I’ve invented something new. I’m calling it a playlist salad. It’s filled with individual ingredients–songs–that one wouldn’t immediately associate with another ingredient. But, brought together under a theme, these ingredients create something new, dynamic, and exciting. (I do realize this is literally what a playlist is, but I will carry on with my food theme nonetheless). I am a chef, and this is my Disciples of Chaos salad (playlist!).

It contains songs about love and heartbreak and feeling lost and starting over. There’s a dash of patience, a sprinkle of existential dread, a heaping tablespoon of violence, and a pinch of Italian melodies. At one point, I considered dropping the entire White Lotus season two soundtrack into the salad, but I held myself back––we’re going for a well-balanced dish, not an over-seasoned one. Lest I forget, the whole salad (playlist) is dressed in absolute chaos. Buon Appetito!