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Every Last Word Read-Along Schedule

Is there anything worse than feeling book fomo? Like, watching all these people fan out on a book you just… haven’t read? Well, that’s how I’ve felt about Every Last Word for a hot minute now. As you may know, this beauty exploded on TikTok a little while ago, but I have yet to read it. So I’m seizing the day and we’re making it happen! And because I love forming bandwagons, I’m asking you to join me! Whether you’ve already read this beauty, or if you’re like me and jumping in for the first time, I’ve got a reading schedule outlined below! Will I stick to this reading schedule? Who knows. But I do know I am finally going to see what all the hype is about! But! No spoilers, if you please! I know there’s a BIG twist in this one, and I am determined to experience it fresh and sans spoiler!

If you decide to read along, be sure to tag @thenovl in your posts! We’d love to see them!

November 10

Page 1 – Page 28

November 11

Page 29 – Page 59

November 12

Page 60 – Page 82

November 13

Page 83 – Page 102

November 14

Page 103 – Page 129

November 15

Page 130 – Page 165

November 16

Page 166 – Page 188

November 17

Page 189 – Page 213

November 18

Page 214 – Page 234

November 19

Page 235 – Page 253

November 20

Page 254 – Page 283

November 21

Page 284 – Page 303

November 22

Page 304 – Page 325

November 23

Page 326 – Page 352

November 24

Page 353 – Page 376