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Cover Reveal: Hopepunk by Preston Norton

Who’s ready for a rock-filled ride of hopeful rebellion? Me, that’s who! Hopepunk is equal parts hope and punk, as rival bands battle it out and two teens seek acceptance in a world that hasen’t let them be who they are – yet. This book feels like if Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Simon vs. the Homosapien Agenda had a baby! Now as I pull on my emo-era ripped up tights and leather jacket and throw on some Led Zeppelin, you can feast your eyes on this glorious cover that feels straight out of the screen-printed band poster era of punk-rock resistance! I’m gonna need a poster of this, stat!

Cover art by Adams Carvalho (@adamscarvalho)

Designed by Mary Claire Cruz

About the Author


Preston Norton is bisexual, slightly genderqueer, and married. His partner, Erin, is trying to put him on a diet, and he’s revolting (both contexts apply). He has taught seventh grade and ninth grade English, mentored drug addicts, and mowed lawns (in no particular order). He is obsessed with 2001: A Space Odyssey and Quentin Tarantino.