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Reading the Stars: February 2021 Horoscopes

Happy February, my horoscope dwellers. Love is in the air, or is it disease? Well, love sounds better. Still in the age of the pandemic with nowhere to go and if you do have a Valentine, it’s almost a caution to go near them. Yet, chocolate is still a thing and there will be loads of that at a discount price on February 15th so that’s something to smile about. Let’s try to find a valentine in book form this year, it might be a bit easier given the circumstances. So, without further ado, here’s what the stars are telling you to read…



Always and Forever, Lara Jean

By Jenny Han


Happy Birthday, Aquarius friends!!! You are strong and one of the most intelligent among the zodiacs. So, you might be asking yourself why I suggested a book that’s #3 in a trilogy. Yeahhh I know. BUT ‘whoa whoa whoa,’ it’s the last one and you must read before the final movie on 2/12.





By Alexandra Braken

You’re feeling mystical this month, Pieces. Well with a book about 9 Greek God’s walking the Earth every seven years should feed that void. Just as the title depicts, this will lore you in and make you want to take a class on Greek mythology!





By Malinda Lo


Ok Aries, I know. You’re kind of over the fairytale-love-at-first sight-love-is-in-the-air-thing. Right there with you, A. However, this book is Cinderella with a great retelling that has twists and a haunting voice. I’m telling you; the original tale is ashes in the fireplace compared to this version. See what I did there? Ha! But seriously, it’s so good.





By Paige McKenzie and Nancy Ohlin


Taurus, you have an interesting vibe this month. You want magic in your life but your tired of the constant surprises. Ok, I feel you on no more surprises. I feel like a global pandemic where we all have to stay home for the foreseeable future is surprise enough. Though I don’t know of much magic without surprises. Maybe wishes? Well, this book should be on everyone’s wish list as it has everything you need to escape and enjoy the life between the pages. Have a magical time! *Wink wink*




The Duff

By Kody Keplinger


My Geminis! What’s up, peeps? If there is any book that makes you feel like you are in the middle of a dramatic high school movie, it’s this one! With awkward scenes, LOL moments, and a great message at its forefront, this book will help with that loneliness. All of your friends are in different places, and you’re scanning IG every ten minutes to see if any tea has been spilt. Yes, the struggle is real. This book will help, I promise!




A Million Miles Away

By Lara Avery


Not gonna Lie, Cancer. This one is a big emotional ride. I know your all about the love and family. This month, you really want to chat with someone new, someone maybe far away you’ve never met before. Soooo, yes, that theme is definitely in this novel. However, the two who are talking have a tad of a forbidden twist. The main character may or may not be falling for her late sister’s boyfriend. A lot to take in, but come on, you know you’re intrigued.




A Midsummer’s Nightmare

by Kody Keplinger


Leo, leo, my lovely Leos! You want a night out on the town. You want to embarrass yourself at a karaoke party or go somewhere for a fun time other than your living room (don’t we all?) I read this book every time I’m bored and then it helps me forget about the current steady state.




The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

By Jennifer E. Smith


You’re always hopeful, Virgo. You want to find love soon in the most random way. So what if you can’t see anyone’s chin without a mask. If there is a will, there is a way. I love your optimism. Oliver and Hadley find each other in a ridiculously huge airport and make it work, so why can’t you find a virtual valentine? I’m rootin’ for ya. You have a little less than two weeks, make it happen!




Last Night at the Telegraph Club

By Malinda Lo


My Libras. Hope your feeling leveled as we all know balance is your lifeline. I can’t guarantee that any kind of balance will happen any time soon. However, this month you want the simple things in life. No phones, no zoom calls, maybe the 1950’s is your place to be. This book is so gorgeously written, you’ll be submerged. Enjoy the times!




Daughter of Smoke & Bone

by Laini Taylor


Heyyy Scorps! You are done the real world, done with reality. I feel you, more than you know. Step into this world, stay there for a while. I did and it was hard to come back, ha!





By Rhonda Stapleton


Okay, Sag, hear me out. Your sign sometimes is depicted with an arrow. You are strong and take the lead. This. Book. Is. The. Best. Forget waiting for someone to ask to be your Valentine. You will take those arrows and write a new chapter for love. Felicity takes matters into her own hands as she gets recruited to be a cupid, like an actual cupid. Not to mention she’s horrible at getting people to fall in love. Eventually it does work out. She even finds her own cupid in the process. And is love even love without a little mess?




Starry Eyes

By Jenn Bennett


Caps, this month you feel like you want a love story but not a traditional one. It has to be something unique. Well, if being stuck in the woods with your ex isn’t unique, I don’t know what is. This is one for the ages.