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Reading the Stars: October 2020 Horoscopes

Happy Halloween, peeps! Oh wait, no! There’s more to October than Halloween, right?! Hmmm, well, I can’t think of much at the moment but I’m sure there is. The witches are getting ready to come out to play and the moon has a secret it holds as it decides to let us Earthlings see its full figure. Nonetheless, the stars are coming out to play in October too. It’s all about magic and candy this month and the stars want in on the fun, well hopefully fun. They can’t control the energies.

So, without further ado, here’s what the stars are telling you to read…



All This Time

By Rachael Lippincott and Mikki Daughtry

Happy Birthday my Libras! You guys are the balancing factor of the zodiac, as your symbol portrays. For if you know a Libra, you are a lucky one. They make everything better with their presence. So, we dedicate this post to you.

Now I know Libra, that you are a romantic deep down. You sometimes hate to admit it, but the stars know what they know. You’re actually so much of a romantic that sometimes it’s hard to find that special someone because they are never as good as what you want them to actually be. We can ALL relate to that, especially Kyle and Marley. There’s a lot of illusions tumbling through these pages and it’s hard to understand the real and pretend. Guess you just have to read to find out!





By Stephenie Meyer

Now I’m sure the world has already read this book, probably more than I can count. However, it’s spooky season sooo, I mean, I have to have at least ONE book with vampires. Now, why does Scorpio get this book, you ask? Well, Scorps, this month you’re going to want to do something that you really know you shouldn’t. An urge if you will. Whether that’s eat cake for breakfast (we’ve all been doing that, don’t lie), procrastinating until the night before to do your big assignment, or possibly, fall in love with the most complicated person. Personally, I say go for it. I mean it worked out for Bella, right?




Deadly Little Scandals

By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Mystery and unpredictable endings, Sagittarius. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring and quite frankly, you don’t really care. You’ve gotten to that point in 2020, where you feel ‘it is what it is.’ You are embracing the mystery of your life right now. Unlike this book, I doubt you’ll encounter anything deadly, but the mystery at every page might fascinate you. It will definitely keep you guessing and 2020 is all about the guessing games.




Beyond the Ruby Veil

by Mara Fitzgerald

You want to be out of this world, Capricorn, (seriously, who could blame you?) You have been helping everyone with their issues for the past few weeks and now, you just need a minute to yourself. Well, while you’re enjoying that minute, read Beyond the Ruby Veil which is out of this world, literally and figuratively. Emanuela has to take a page right out of your book and help everyone in her city. For she has killed the one person who can create water.




The Queen of Nothing

By Holly Black

You are feeling powerful this month, Aquarius. My knowledge seekers, you know what you want and you know the truth and this month, no one is pulling the wool over your eyes. In this final book to the The Folk of the Air trilogy, a powerful curse forces the exiled Queen of Faerie to choose between ambition and humanity. Can you feel the power? I can!




Fence: Striking Distance

By Sarah Rees Brennan

Ohhh, some drama has surfaced for you, huh, Pieces? Someone spilt the tea and dumped it all on you. As if you need that right now. Yet, tea is so much more fun when it’s other people’s tea you are hearing about instead of being smack in the middle of the gossip yourself. Read this book and I guarantee you’ll see drama in a more entertaining way. The romance and rivalry with action are bonuses too!






My Aries, my rocks, my fierce, fire signs. Now I really thought this would be the month where you’d be slowing things down. Yeah right. You’re all about lifting people up to speak their opinions this month. No matter if it’s calling a friend to boost them up or standing up for what is right, you’re ready, Aries to fight the powers that be. In this book, Renata must be an Aries or at least act like one because after the king causes the death of thousands of her people, she’s ready to rebel by becoming a Whisper, rebel spies who work against the crown. Let’s do it! Resist the evil!




The Bone Houses

by Emily Lloyd-Jones

You’re having a hard time hearing the word ‘no’ Taurus. Though, knowing you, do you ever not? You never accept defeat and moreover, you never give up. Ryn is feeling this way as well as she embarks on an adventure to stop the curse of the risen corpses, “bone houses” to attack. This journey is dangerous and deadly, but she does it. She even kind of makes it look easy, kind of. So, put on your skeleton onesie and get into it.





by Kelly Yang

Lonely. That’s your mood for you this month, Gemini. This pandemic is messing with the very thing you do best. Being social. You need a partner, a person to talk to, a butt dial that could possibly turn into a friend. Sure, being by yourself was fine for a while but now it’s just sad. You kind of want someone to just drop into your life like how Claire dropped into Dani’s. I mean sure, Dani isn’t thrilled, but she can’t help but always crash into her. Eventually, they’ll learn they need each other. And Gemini, hang in there, my peep. You might not get a parachute but take a walk and “accidentally” run into someone and see what that brings.




Lovely War

by Julie Berry

You are not pleased with your surrounding parties, Cancer. Everyone wants to point fingers and start wars over the littlest things. It’s not like we’re in a global pandemic or anything…oh wait. Nonetheless, you’re still trying to see the bright side and spin things in a way where everyone can just see each other’s point of view. Well, in this novel, Aphrodite does the same thing. I mean she has to spin tales of an actual war but, like her, you know love is more powerful than any kind of hate. I mean you are one of the most loving signs so clearly, Aphrodite is a Goddess you have a lot in common with.





by Nadine Brandes

Did everyone forget about you this month, Leo? You feel out of the loop. Well at least you’re not like Princess Anastasia who everyone thought was dead. Clearly, they underestimated her. You can relate as you’re being just that this month, underestimated. But you have more up your sleeve so show them how alive you are. Unleash the roar I know you have.




Don’t Date Rosa Santos

by Nina Moreno

You will appreciate this soft and beautiful flow this book brings to the heart, Virgo. Especially this month, where all you want is to feel whimsical and wish you were actually by an ocean (don’t we all?) Rosa Santos is cursed by the sea. At least that’s what everyone says. But just as rough as the sea can be, it can also be a calming oasis that heals us from within. Rosa is trying to decide on college and if this boy, Alex, will be someone to survive the sea curse, or maybe, he might be the one to break the spell.