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Dream Casting: Strange the Dreamer

I love Strange the Dreamer. I’m sorry, let me rephrase. I have an incandescent adoration for Strange the Dreamer.

And what do we do when we adore a book? We obsess. Part of that obsession is imaging who we would want to play if that book became a movie. And what’s more fun than making up a cast for a book? Making up a cast for a book while ignoring the space/time continuum. So, while I know that some of these actors are no longer the appropriate ages, we’re going to ignore that. Because this is my dream casting. And because I said so.

Charles Melton as Lazlo Strange
Zoey Deutch as Sarai
Camilla Mendes as Ruby
Cole Sprouse asFeral
Elle Fanning as Sparrow
Jodelle Ferland as Minya (Specifically from Silent Hill and Case 39. I know she’s 24 now, this is a DREAM CASTING.)
Timothee Chalamet as Thyon Nero (Okay, like blonde? Could you not TOTALLY see it?)
Jason Momoa as Eril-Fane