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My Fan Playlist for So Let Them Burn

So, you want to feel like you’re soaring on the back of a dragon or channeling the magic of the gods? You want to feel the euphoric peaks and desolate depths of romance? You want to feel like Zendaya at the Met Gala? Or maybe you just want to dance a little to songs with the words “fire” or “burn” in the lyrics? Luckily, there’s a playlist for that. Inspired by Kamilah Cole’s epic So Let Them Burn, here’s a playlist full of bops, jams, and karaoke staples. And as a special treat, Kamilah has shared her own exquisitely curated playlist. So, listen and vibe and get ready to be swept away by So Let Them Burn.

Don’t miss Kamilah’s Playlist:

So Let Them Burn

by Kamilah Cole

Faron Vincent can channel the power of the gods. Five years ago, she used her divine magic to liberate her island from its enemies, the dragon-riding Langley Empire. But now, at seventeen, Faron is all powered up with no wars to fight. She’s a legend to her people and a nuisance to her neighbors.
When she’s forced to attend an international peace summit, Faron expects that she will perform tricks like a trained pet and then go home. She doesn’t expect her older sister, Elara, forming an unprecedented bond with an enemy dragon—or the gods claiming the only way to break that bond is to kill her sister.
As Faron’s desperation to find another solution takes her down a dark path, and Elara discovers the shocking secrets at the heart of the Langley Empire, both must make difficult choices that will shape each other’s lives, as well as the fate of their world.

“By turns hopeful and devastating, So Let Them Burn is a masterful debut with a blazing heart. I was captivated from beginning to end by Cole’s sharp, clever prose and by her protagonists—two remarkable sisters with an unforgettable bond.” — Chelsea Abdullah, author of The Stardust Thief