February NOVL Tea • Book Ships + First Crushes

NOVLTEA B2B NOVLTEA. This month's topic is LOVE, where we spill the tea on our favorite book ships, tropes, our first crushes, and more. Bonus content: we get to clink our new NOVL tea cups! Cheers!

January NOVL Tea • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Disclaimer: We spoil the crap out of The Cruel Prince by Holly Black in this month's NOVL Tea (er, *last* month’s...look, we had a lot of bestsellers in January and got busy)!

Please watch at your own risk if you haven't read it yet. There are no Wicked King spoilers, though. A little late, but the January NOVLTea is all about The Cruel Prince by Holly Black! We talk about dream castings, Taryn, Cardan's tail, and THE. ENDING. It's time to dive back into Elfhame, mortals.

December NOVL Tea • Meet the Team + Publishing Advice

*drum roll* It's here! The NOVL Tea talk show that you didn't think you needed until now. Team NOVL introduces themselves and gives you a little insight on how book publishing works, especially in the children's book world.