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Books to Read by Black Authors

Black Lives Matter shouldn’t be a political stance, a talking point or controversial statement. What it is, and what it should be, is a fact. We have seen the countless videos of police brutality against black bodies and for every video we’ve seen, there are more cases we haven’t seen. It is time that we are seen as equal to our white counterparts in the ways that matter. It is not enough to just say it. The laws of the country our ancestors helped build should reflect it.

I wanted to work in publishing because as a child I loved to read. Books shaped me. But I noticed I didn’t often see myself or my blackness reflected in the stories being told. I love books and I want to help to make sure kids who look like me feel welcome in this space, in this land of stories. Things have definitely changed in terms of representation over the years, but we still need to do better.

When it comes to books that represent us, it doesn’t matter if they are old or new, by authors you know or not, or whether they are published traditionally, independently or from the author themselves. What matters is that they are written, published and in the hands of readers. Here is a list of books written black authors that you should have on your list.