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Are you more Grace or Fury?

By Tracy Banghart, Author of Grace and Fury

One of the things I love most about the title Grace and Fury is that it invites the reader to wonder which sister is “Grace” and which is “Fury.” The irony is that, to me, Serina and Nomi are both. They each have their own unique ways of embodying both grace and fury. Which I think is true for all of us. I think we all have both grace and fury within us. This quiz is a fun way to discover which attribute is ruling your life at the moment!


For me, I’d like to say I’m ruled by grace, because that would make me sound calm and peaceful and lovely, but…yeah. Not so much. First of all, I’m a total klutz. If I tried to don a ballgown and float across the room, I’d trip on the hem and go sprawling. I’m also not the best at keeping the peace. I’m more of the “argue passionately about issues that concern me until I’ve cleared the room” sort. So yeah, I think it’s safe to say I’m currently ruled by fury.


But the beauty of fury is that it’s an active emotion—it begs movement. A release. I’m grateful that there are so many peaceful, non-harmful ways I can express my fury. I can write it out, like I did in Grace and Fury. I can work it out, with yoga or long walks with my dog. I can vote it out, by involving myself in my community’s politics and elections. And I can talk it out, to friends and at peaceful protests.


Maybe, if I write and work and vote and talk enough, I’ll find my grace again.


How about you? Are you ruled by grace or fury? Use the quiz below to find out!


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