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NOVL - About - Stef


Introduce Yourself

I’m Stef and I’m the Senior Marketing Manager here at LBYR!

Favorite Book of All Time

AKA the worst question in the world. However it always comes down to choosing between children’s books—adult books don’t even make the semi-finals! I probably have to say Charlotte’s Web. I have vivid memories of my Dad reading this to me and helping me learn to read at the same time. Or Jenny’s Birthday Book. It’s a picture book about a little black cat named Jenny Linksy, who lives in NYC. It was out of print for a long time and I was so obsessed my mom photocopied pages at the library until she could track down a copy. Luckily now it’s back in print!

Favorite LBYR Book

The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns. While the entire series is great, Book 2 made me adore The Land of Stories. It’s accessible and fun for young readers, but it’s still hilarious and exciting for adults too! It’s one of my favorite books to convince people that children’s books aren’t just for children.

Book You’ve Been Meaning to Read for a While

Gone With the Wind. To be fair, I’ve been reading this for about two years. I refuse to get the ebook edition of it but that means I also am reluctant to carry around a 900+ page tome. So I decided to leave it at my family’s house and when I go home for vacation/holidays I get to read a chapter or two. I actually kind of like savoring it in this way! (Although I PROMISE I will finish it one day!)

A Signed Book on Your Shelf

I used to work at an Indie in my hometown that held a lot of book signings so I’m very lucky that I’ve met some amazing people over the years. I could never pick a favorite but a new addition to the collection is Lindsey Vonn’s Strong is the New Beautiful. I’ve been a skier and racer my entire life and it was the first time I met someone and couldn’t control my inner fan girl. I was speechless (which as you can see from my wordy responses is VERY rare)!

Unexpected Book that You Love

Crime & Punishment. I took a Russian Culture class in college which ended up having a focus on Russian Literature. I think a lot of it had to do with the Professor, but I ended up loving this book. I’ll admit it’s a little slow in the beginning but totally worth it! This is still my college copy, notes included, that I saved from multiple garage sales, donation boxes, etc. since my parents (and some well-meaning roommates) think that I couldn’t possibly care about holding onto such a dry book.

Non-Book Bookish Item

A miniature Max from Where the Wild Things Are. This book technically also ranks in my top favorites of all time, and I could probably recite it by heart, but Max actually hangs out on my office bookshelf. His mischievous grin always makes me smile!