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Illustrated graphic depicting boba tea

Introduce Yourself

Hello! My name is Allison and I am the Marketing Operations Coordinator for LBYR. My job falls under the “Creative Services” category! I get to contribute creatively to the team, as well as help with scheduling and organization- which makes the left side of my brain VERY happy! In my free time, you’d probably find me wandering around a museum or playing games with family & friends!

Favorite Book of All Time

This is cheating, but I’d have to say all of the books I read when I was younger- Junie B. Jones, Nancy Drew’s, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Sharon M. Draper books, Twilight, Harry Potter, The Clique… they made me the booklover I am today and helped me make friends along the way! #corny #bars

Favorite LBYR Book

Oh, geez. Young me loved the Poseur series by Rachel Maude. Now, I’ll have to say whichever I’m currently reading- I just finished The Wild Robot by Peter Brown and The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan… both were amazing. As you can see by pretty much all my answers, I will never say just ONE book!

Unexpected book that you love

An Education by Lynn Barber. I picked it up on sale at my college bookstore, because I had heard about it and knew it was being made into a movie. I usually don’t like autobiographies/memoirs (how can anyone remember all of this stuff?!?! I can barely remember yesterday) but this made me laugh, and it was all about life as a woman and as a writer.

Book you’ve been meaning to read for a while

Just like Lionel in Little & Lion, I have Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace sitting on my shelf, mocking me. The difference is Lionel actually reads it. I have read… maybe the first 20 pages. It’s HUGE, OK?!

A signed book on your shelf

I don’t have a signed book on my shelf (YET!), but I do have a signed playbill from Patty LuPone. A playbill is in the same ballpark as a book, right?! You read it. That’s gotta count for something?! (and YES I love theatre too.)

A Literary Obsession

I really love historical fiction, or historical non-fiction. I blame it on The Royal Diaries series. Some recommendations are Chaos by Tom O’Neill, The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen, Lincoln by Gore Vidal, and The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson!

Book(s) that you think everyone should read

Read whatever, as long as you are reading! But if I had to say, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou (if this is assigned reading for you right now, re-read it when you are older. It had such an impact on me when I was a little older.) Ok, so this is technically a memoir/autobiography. But so good. And maybe In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

Most Worn-Out (But Well Loved) Book

Well, of course, the first Harry Potter has been passed around so much in my family that the cover is literally gone. It’s the only book we can all agree on!