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Introduce Yourself

Hi hi! I’m Ely, and I’m a Design Assistant at LBYR working mostly on YA and middle-grade novels and the occasional picture book.

Favorite Book of All Time

How dare you make me choose between my children... Can we do my earliest recollection of a favorite book? Which would be Because of Winn-Dixie. I have a vivid memory of putting my kid self through this vicious cycle of crying happy tears and then sad tears and then happy tears again throughout this whole book and then once I was done, flipping right back to the beginning to do it all over again…some 67 times.

Favorite LBYR Book

Anything Laini Taylor but Strange the Dreamer has a very special place in my heart *cries in Unseen*

A Signed Book on Your Shelf

I have had a signed copy of The Poet X sitting on my bookshelf since the Bronx Book Festival (where Elizabeth Acevedo spoke at a panel and became my patronus) and have not been able to dedicate to it the time it deserves. There are certain books that I know will require my full attention and this is one of them, even more so now that it won the 2018 National Book Award!

Unexpected Book that You Love

While I definitely LIKE Alice in Wonderland, I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan which is why I didn’t think Heartless, a prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland about the Queen of Hearts, would do much for me. I was wrong. IT DESTROYED ME. In a good way. But still…WHY MARISSA?!

Most Worn-Out (but Well-Loved) Book

Once upon a time in a land where cell phones did not yet have internet and print dictionaries were a necessity when you’re 11 and don’t know what “opium” is, did a young girl keep her complete collection of Sherlock Holmes bound in leather with gold foil lettering and gilded page edges. The case of my beloved is hanging on by a thread, literally. Only one end paper is still attached to the case and its ribbon bookmark is so frayed, I have had to tie various knots throughout so that it stays a (questionable) ribbon.

Non-Book Bookish Item

I have a signed Brian Selznick 20th anniversary Harry Potter poster that he illustrated and that will be passed down to my children’s children’s children’s, (etc.) children.


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