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Cover Reveal Roundup: Spring + Summer 2020

The thing about publishing is that we’re either thinking in the moment or 6 months ahead. There’s not really an in-between, so we’re revealing covers for next Spring and Summer as the current season closes, which leaves me confused as to what year or planet I’m even on. BUT, the fun part is that I get to show everyone all these wonderful covers that our talented designers created for the incredible books that our lovely authors wrote.

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Cover Reveal: They Went Left by Monica Hesse

Historical fiction is a genre that’s tough to write because it requires the ability to create a story within another story that’s already been written. Luckily, we have Monica Hesse—she delivers stories that shine a light on parts of history that are underrepresented. We’re happy to have her back with her newest novel They Went Left, to which our friends over at The Young Folks revealed today with an excerpt.

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