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15 Illustrated Covers to Lust Over, Because Holy Cow, They're Pretty

I definitely recommend you check out all of these illustrators and designers. Without their beautiful work and dedication, we would not have the stunning covers we do and the world would be a little less magic. “Design and illustration are underappreciated art forms” is the hill I will die on. Watch me.

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5 Books for When You Go Through a Big Life Change, but Everything Will Be Okay

Sometimes, big changes are thrown at you like curveballs from life, speeding in from out of nowhere to smack you in the face. Other times, big life changes are expected and anticipated and yet no less difficult. Either way, with every big life change comes an adjustment period. So here are some books for when you go through a big life change, but everything will be okay.

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Order bubble tea, and we'll give you a book rec

Happy National Bubble Tea Day! Fun fact: I managed a bubble tea store for a year before I started working at NOVL, so making bubble tea is something that I hold close to my heart. Unfortunately, I can't hand you bubble tea through the screen, but I'll give you something even sweeter: a book rec!

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