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We Translated Summaries of Books into Shakespearean Because Why Not

It is officially Talk Like Shakespeare Day, and indeed, mine hearts swells with the joy of knowing that the globe (hehe, get it?) shall be filled with the prattle of a London of yester-year. In the case your mental faculties may have disregarded the signs, I was, indeed, the Shakespeare girl at my high-school. Indeed, my roles in The Bard’s illustrious plays included none other than Hamlet in his eponymous play.

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In Honor of the Ides of March, Here Are The Most Epic Deaths in YA

On this day, the ides of March of MMXIX, the humble offices of NOVL HQ present unto the mob of the Bookish Empire a list of the MOST EPIC YA DEATHS! Those who are about to die salute you. Needless to say: SPOILER ALERT – but specifically for The Cruel Prince, Twilight, The Hearts We Sold, Strange the Dreamer, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Grace and Fury, and Ship Breaker.

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12 First Lines That Got Me to Read the Entire Book (and Series)

Nothing has the same magic as the perfect first line of a wonderful book. And so, we bring you some of our favorite first lines! Some are dark, some are funny, but all are captivating – and will lead to some brilliant reads!

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