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Must-Read Stories to Inspire You on World Refugee Day

Each individual has a story of strength and perseverance, and our support of their courage shouldn’t be limited to just this one day. One of the most effective ways we can build empathy in the world is through reading—in particular, through reading the stories of those who differ from you. Here are just a few of the many stories from refugee voices to read on this day.

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Badass Women Who Changed History and Empower Us

We all need a good BAMF lady to look up to. Whether they’re your friend, your family (hi mama), or a historical figure, a strong female role-model can make all the difference. So here are some real-life badass women who have changed history to help inspire you and prove that women are hard-core, strong, and make the world a better place!

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5 Nonfiction Books to Keep It Real

We talk about fiction a lot here on NOVL, because fiction is fun and can be an escape from the real world. But, there’s nothing like a good non-fiction book to really ground yourself and learn more about a topic or a person. Here are five of our favorite non-fiction titles!

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